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Australian designed ute trays made in Brisbane to suit all utes. Specialising in aluminium ute trays built to handle tough working conditions. Quality ute trays and accessories for all dual cabs, space cabs and single cab utes. 

Strength and quality. We have designed a tray that is strong enough to carry a much heavier workload. Made from thicker high strength aluminium our ute trays have a very strong floor rating, stronger ute sides and much more. Furthermore, our tray sides don’t rattle, bow or buckle from ratchet straps, we don’t pop rivet our trays together or use plastic parts.

Tray sizes. Most people will choose our standard size tray over a dealerships tray, because ours are slightly bigger. For example, if you’re a tradesman wouldn’t you rather more space than less? The great thing about us is that you can choose the size that suits you best. So if you’re chasing a wider, longer or even a shorter tray, just let us know.

Another good thing about our tray is that the front head board rack is mounted on the front side of the tray panel. This allows you to push a canopy flat up against the head board panel inside the tray. For example, don’t get caught out with other brand trays where the rack sits inside the tray corners which takes up space. One other thing I’d like to mention, tray internal floor space. We can advise you on the right floor space for canopies and for space needed for boxes and rear racks.

What comes standard with a tray. Includes a front 3inch tube head board rack, mudguards, mud flaps, tail lights, full length rope rails and solid tray mounts. Furthermore, we will remove your existing tub for free and set up your tail light wiring and fuel hose at no extra charge.

We’re not like other companies that charge to take the tub off, and besides that, we’ll even dispose of your tub for free if you don’t want it. If you would like to keep the tub, we’ll help you load it back on, but it’s your responsibility to strap it down yourself.

Optional extras. Tail light protector brackets, rear window protector, tray floor tie down anchor points. Supplying ute ladder racks, nudge bars, aluminium ute canopies, tool boxes, tow bars and much more.


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Word of mouth is the best advertising and the positive feedback we’ve had is what it’s all about.

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 Click for reviews and for more info

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